Fresh Chai, Paratha, Samosa and Roll in Mississauga

Our Story

Imagine stepping into a quirky, colourful, eye catching food retail store, inspired by traditional Pakistani/Indian truck-art and ‘dil-phaink’ hospitality. Now imagine the sound of ‘Ghar-ke-Khaanay jesay’ frozen food items crackling and sizzling on the side. A delicious sound to match the equally delicious taste. With a full stomach, imagine walking out with a truck-load
 of frozen goodies bringing your TAZA memories home with you.

Imagine the heavenly aroma of bubbling Karak Chai. Now stop imagining. This is a reality. No hidden surprises. Just surprisingly good TAZA taste. TAZA Chaiwala is open and Cha-ing in North America with its insatiable love for Tar-o-Taza food, culture and language. You can’t help falling in love with TAZA Chaiwala, as Chai Wala warns us, “Faasla Rakhen Warna Pyaar Ho Jaye Ga.” (Keep a distance or you’ll fall in love). TAZA Chaiwala is all about heart, soul and Zayqa-Daar food infused in authentic Pakistani spices. So what are you waiting for?

Chal Cha Sha Ho Jaye!

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